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Once I started taking the Cellsentials twice daily, I found that I was less tired and more energetic in the evenings, could keep focused during the day, and caught fewer colds and other infections from my ill patients. I also slept more soundly at night. I think these are great, especially when you look at the science behind them as well!

A. Grimston

The Cellsentials are one thing I won't go a day without, because if I miss a day I notice a dramatic change in my energy levels and mood. They have my trust!

A. Spaulda

This product is an absolute MUST for me. I've had energy challenges throughout my life and this helps really helped me sustain my energy throughout the day!

J. McRae


Whether you need a quick consult to ask a few questions, or if you need something more in-depth.  I can help.

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Being a mom, and having health issues arise for myself and my sons over the years, I became an investigator and a result finder for our health issues where other practitioners could not. Since then, my journey took me through school, and I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2014. Since then I have been helping others find confidence in their health choices, whether through food or supplements. I look forward to help you do the same :)