3 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

I like to find simple health solutions...Do you?

{honesty bomb}

I think it's because deep down I'm a little lazy...or maybe it's because I procrastinate on difficult tasks...

Yet, I've been able to keep myself in good shape without too much work.

Here are a few ways I keep myself in shape...maybe it will help you, too!

And you only need 15 - 30 minutes per day!


1.  Increase Muscle Toning Exercises and Stretching (5-10 min/day)


This doesn't mean you need to be a gym buff! 

Did you know that standing straight and tensing your muscles while standing increases their strength and fat burning ability? Have you noticed how long and lean ballerina's muscles are? Most of their exercises are done at the barre, standing.  They hold their muscles in specific positions ~ stretched. 

If I was to suggest one thing for you to start doing today that is easy, it would be: STRETCH for 5-10 minutes A DAY.  Just stretch!  That will help you increase your muscle toning.  And you will feel amazing!

Holding your posture straight, with your shoulders rested back, also engages your core muscles and has other benefits, plus it is good for your overall health. 

If you want to read more about Posture and how having a Posture can help you with weight control, here is an article I found and could become the resource you have been looking for :)


2. Rebounder - Mini Trampoline (10-20 min per day)


You know....that little trampoline... The one you might have even purchased but it's stuffed in a corner in the garage somewhere....

Yes, that little apparatus is one of the best tools for your overall health! And it's affordable!!  And doesn't take up half the garage ;)

Benefits of the Rebounder:

~ It is gentle on the body and joints

~ works abdominal (core), legs, buttocks and deep back muscles {especially if you are also incorporating good posture}

~ works deep tissue muscles like those around your organs!  Think about the energy burning involved in strengthening those muscles :)

~ helps improve endurance and breathing

~ also excellent to stimulate the lymphatic system that helps flush out toxins {toxins slow down metabolism}

10 - 20  minutes a day is all you need to help increase your metabolism!


3.  Eat Cleaner


This one is probably the hardest of all the three steps!

Sometimes one needs an accountability partner with this and sometimes it can be confusing to know what clean eating really is. 

Clean eating is eating as many organic foods as possible and avoiding packaged,  processed and sugary foods/drinks.

An example of how to organize your dinner plate:

  • 1/2 your plate of food is full of both starch and non-starch vegetables. 
  • 1/4 plate is fibre rich food such as legumes and whole grains {quinoa, wild rice, buckwheat, etc}.
  • 1/4 plate is high quality protein

Snack Ideas (if needed): nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit

Eat Sparingly: anything processed and packaged as ready to eat, sugar

There is room for play with food, and depending on ones specific fuel needs, ones might be more into plant protein or need more animal protein. 

The main point is...eat more "real" food, and less packaged food or food that has added sugars.

The best source of sweet is fruit :)

Eating clean will help your body digest more efficiently and therefore burn energy more efficiently.


And there is one more thing you can do if you need a boost...

Let me introduce to you, Active + (Canada), Metabolism + (US).


The Active+ ingredients support your body’s ability to dismantle and burn stored fat for energy. This process is call fat lipolysis.

4 Key Benefits:

  1. helps produce normal blood lipid levels
  2. reduces visceral fat deposited in the liver
  3. helps improve insulin resistance
  4. helps break down fat to be used for energy

It basically supports the body systems to make energy :)

Active+ is formulated to assist you in your healthy weight journey, no matter where you’re at on the road to health. Check out the active ingredients and see how this weight-support supplement can work for you.

Active + Testimonies

"I didn't change a thing.  I was doing my exercise, my eating was the same. Everything was the same. The the only thing I did was I measured myself. I was amazed that the number of inches that I lost, and the pounds for really doing nothing different - down 9 lbs and 6 inches in 3 months." ~ Barbara age 70+


"My body is super sensitive to the lower quality food that you get at most restaurants. But when I'm taking this (Active +) I don't get the side effects that I usually get. It helps my body process the different types of foods." - Peggy


 Get your Active+ here 


Yours In Health,

Stephanie Bell, R.H.N.

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