Quick Fixes & Fairy Tales {Part 1}

Who do you know has tried a "quick fix" in their health journey?

That could be anywhere from a fad diet from the news or the internet to the promise of those ketones in a bottle that are going to melt the fat away.

Quick fixes can also fall into the category of prescription drugs, depending on the need (as there is a difference in diseases caused by a DNA complication vs healthy lifestyle choices).

The key is in our habits.  We choose a habit we want to have, we practice our behaviour in that habit and it becomes part of us.

And the best thing is that we don't have to change too much too fast, either!  Changing one daily habit for 12 months can drastically change your health in that time period.

A great book to read is The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy if you want to get into the depths of the science behind this.  He uses a healthy choice examples in the book with the results of the 3 people.  It is quite eye opening.

I share this because I, too, fell into the mad mess of distorted information and wanted a quick fix to stay slim....without the work.  I will tell you...it doesn't work.

It's ok.  I think most have been in that place.  And there is no shame in that.  What is good to know now, is that when we go back to the basics of health and believe in ourselves and our body's ability to survive, we intuitively know exactly what we need to do.

I call it "Your Inner Physician".

You know, that moment you say, "I really shouldn't have THAT (whatever that is), because I am going to feel it later."  But then you cave in and have it anyway.

There are many examples, and I could list them all out, but the point is, you already know what you need.  You just need to honour yourself to do it.

And that's the core question you need to ask yourself...

Do you honour yourself?

Honouring yourself is the first step to living a healthy life that you love! 

Sit with that this week....grab The Compound Effect, and decide today how you want this day next year to look like in your Health, and Lifestyle.

Stay posted for {Part 2}, where we look at small steps you can make with the tools to make them with :)


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