How to Support Overwhelm with 3 Simple Actions

Feeling a little overwhelmed and don't know if you can endure the day?

Here are 3 actions steps you can take today to shift your state to better support your well-being :)

1. Laughter!  

This is #1 for a good reason…it doesn’t require you to move! Lol.  Therefore, there is almost no excuse to avoid this therapy.

I listened to a cancer survivor who decided to avoid conventional medicine therapy, and resorted to a more natural way of looking at her illness. She shared she didn’t dwell on it, and chose to embrace it and decided to do everything in her life that brought her joy.  This included laughter.  

She found as much content she could find that suited her that made her laugh.  She also surrounded herself with happy and humorous friends. Low-and -behold, within a short time her cancer was gone. 

Laughter releases endorphins and lowers the stress in your body.  It increases oxygen intake and boosts cellular pathways to reduce inflammation. 

Laughter therapy is a thing, but if you want something to stimulate your ability to laugh totally free….get a few friends/family members involved, lie on the floor and put your heads on each others bellies…THIS is the best way to get you or a friend out of a funk FAST! ~ and you release your internal medicine ;)

{Let me know when you try it! - I bet you’ll be hooked}


2. Easy Breathing Technique 

There are many breathing techniques, and many therapists to learn so much from.

I will share the most simplest one I found! And it works like a charm to bring down any racing of the mind, and slows the heart rate as it brings you into rest and digest….

  1. Breath in (through your nose) deep for a count of 4, trying your best to expand your diaphragm…not your lungs.
  2. Hold your breath for a count of 5-6.
  3. Breath out of your mouth for a count of 7-8.

This simple exercise is easy to do anywhere and anytime.  It is a little RESET when you need it…no planning necessary!  Plus, it will help give the brain oxygen to think more clearly as well as release that overwhelming stress load in that moment.


3. Chew Your Food to a Liquid

Each bite of food needs approximately 30 chews to allow the digestive juices break the food down to the smallest molecules for proper nutrient uptake through the intestinal walls.

There is a lot that goes on in the body when we are under stress or overwhelm, and if not supported properly, can lead to a deviation of functions throughout the body:

Digestion is hindered….so food particles may not be properly digested for proper nutrient uptake…no matter how nutrient rich the food is.

Stomach acid is less efficient, as stress halts the production of optimal stomach acid for the proper breakdown of proteins.  When undigested particles are flowing through our intestines over any length of time, it may cause abdominal upset, leaky gut and just a “crappy” feeling. 

This is why we must chew our food  about 30x per morsel for that mechanical breakdown.

And in times of stress, this is most important!!

Tell me how each or any of these steps help you!


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