3 Steps to Successful Health Results

Setting BIG goals—like we do with our January 1 resolutions—is important.

It gives clarity to your intentions. But it doesn’t stop there. Each day is a new day with new intentions.

Whether you’ve struggled to stay motivated, gotten off track, or forgotten about them altogether, today is a new day to refocus on your resolutions and crush your goals.

Here are 3 tips for getting real results:

1. Measurable, specific goals reap the most success.
Actually, to simplify it, the "goals" are the little steps towards the RESULTS you want to achieve.
Just as in the FREE Gut Matters eBook available in my link, there are specific steps to take to have optimal digestion. And easy, if each step is implemented 🙂

Think of a goal as a to-do list or a reading chart. Each time you take a step toward your goal, check off a box. This kind of goal-setting keeps you accountable.

2. Set realistic expectations that will still push you but won’t leave you crushed by disappointment.
Give yourself time. Making new habits takes consistency to fit into your life. If you’re discouraged because your expectations are too high, refocus on a smaller, short-term goal.

3. Educate yourself about paths, tips, and tricks to help you achieve your resolutions.
Find others that exactly what you want, and observe how they are doing it! This way you don't have to re-invent the wheel 🙂
Get your FREE eBook (https://mailchi.mp/d0dc7043c7a0/your-gut-matters ) and coaching emails that help you take steps towards better digestion, healthy weight management and vitality 🙂 . Together, goal setting and achieving can be fun!

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