About Me

I am a wife, and mother of 3 boys.

Family and their health and wellbeing is my #1 Priority - and I stress over the wellbeing of my 2 cats 😏

~ Known as a Health Nut from teen years…started as a control mechanism as I was (self) mentally tormented about my body (aka body shaming), leading to 2 eating disorders. 

~ What I wanted to be before being thrown in the Natural Health industry due to one of my boys with ill health and my Post Partum Depression… started out wanting to be a lawyer…then a dancer….and actually started school to be an accountant….but life had other plans for me.

~ INJF - If you are one too, please put “INJF” in the comments!  We are a RARE kind 🥰

~ My aim is to have people leave my presence with a sense of Hope and Ambition for their heath. 🤗

~ I am a Gen X …to learn more about what that means, follow on IG @therealslimsherri 

~ I lean on my Faith for everything ☦️


Relevant Academic:

~ Registered Holistic Nutritionist graduate 2014 CSNN


Advanced Studies:

~ Advanced Detox

~ Immunology

~ Mental Health & Nutrition 


Current studies:

~ Germanische Heilkunde (GHk) and the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, Psyche•Brain•Organ Relay…complete by end of 2025

~ Mineral Mastery, to help detect hormone and mental status

~ Biological roles of Men and Women and how that impacts our daily traumas / conflicts

~ RCM Piano Gr. 3



~ Ukrainian Dance

~ Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

~ Down hill and cross country ski 🎿 

~ Boating / paddle boarding / sun bathing


Product Focus:

~ Cellular Nutrition / Cell Renewal 

~ Mental Wellness Support / Gut - Brain Axis

~ Red Light Therapy (RLT) / Near Infrared Light Therapy (NIR)


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A healthy lifestyle and mindset is successful when we support one another 💕


May you have the most successful health journey possible!

Yours In Health,

💖 Steph