Celavive Clinical Results

A recent clinical study on the effectiveness of Celavive regimens and our new Exfoliating Scrub + Mask has uncovered amazing results.



Real Results

After just four weeks of using Exfoliating Scrub + Mask along with the Oily/Combination Regimen or the Dry/Sensitive Regimen, participants experienced visible results:

  • 92% agree their skin looks vibrant and glowing
  • 72% agree their pores appear smaller
  • 88% agree their skin texture looks smooth and even
  • 96% agree their skin is healthy looking, smooth, and even
  • 92% agree their skin looks refined and moisturised
  • 88% agree their skin feels deeply cleansed and purified

The verdict is in—consistent use of Celavive skincare can help your skin look and feel increasingly refreshed, revitalised, and refined. Now, it’s up to you to let the world know Celavive is the product of choice when it comes to real results.


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