Relief for Dreary Days

It is a turn of the season and there is already less light each day to bask in.

I live where the clouds will settle in for about 3 months during the gets REALLY grey!

This can lead to a well known condition called Seasonal Effective Disorder {SAD}. It is a real experience for many. Let me know if you are one of them!

There are viable things you can do to keep you uplifted until the brightness and warmth of spring returns :)

First, let's explore why you may experience SAD. Can you guess?

Lack of serotonin!

Depression and anxiety can be experienced with a lack of serotonin and with symptoms of:

  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • panic
  • muscle pain
  • digestion is off
  • glass is half EMTPY
  • for women: PMS


On the other side of the story, when you have optimum serotonin you feel:

  • happy
  • warm
  • spirited
  • glass is half FULL
  • accomplished
  • rested
  • a joy for life


Did you know 90% of serotonin is made mostly in your gut!

Did you know serotonin makes melatonin? Yes, that is why it is important for sleep!

How do you become deficient in serotonin?

  1. From your diet: Avoiding protein and healthy fats will cause serotonin to drop. Caffeine depletes serotonin. Aspartame depletes serotonin.
  2. Stress: When your brain is in the state of overwhelm or chronic demands, serotonin decreases rapidly.
  3. Inherited Mindset (wait, what?): This is when mental programming is passed down from other family member mindsets / experiences. We take on the feelings and stresses of others, this can lead to our own internal imbalances.
  4. Evenings / Winter: When you don't have sufficient bright light, your body will not be able to make an optimum amount of serotonin.
  5. Lack of exercise: Physical activity and exertion activates many healthy cell signalling pathways for hormones to create a balance within.

We are created to move...not to be stagnant.




5 Ways to Increase Serotonin

1.  Eat sufficient  amount of protein (min. 4oz per meal) ...

...from organic naturally raised animals, wild game and some organic plant foods. Why? You are looking for a specific amino acid called *Tryptophan that helps build Serotonin.

*Tryptophan converts into 5-HTP which converts to Serotonin...and to take it a step further, converts to Melatonin.

2.  Eat organic, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables. 

When you consume food rich in nutrients, you give your body the fighting chance to be able to fire up all the cellular pathways for necessary functions. 

To make Tryptophan you need the right amounts of vitamins and minerals to assist in the chemical reaction needed for the cell-signalling pathways to convert tryptophan to 5-HTP then again to serotonin.

Unfortunately, even our organic foods are depleted of their optimal nutrient value that once was...even if they look fresh. It's due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. This is where we live in a time that supplementation is necessary, but one has to be careful. And like most, I learned the hard way... and almost gave up, until I realized not all supplements were created equally. So, if you are searching for a high-quality multi vitamin that can put your mind at ease, and you don't have to think about it again, I highly suggest USANA's CellSentials.

Click here to learn more about CellSentials, or message me if you have any questions.

3. Exercise

There is something magical about 30 minutes of raising your heart rate each day. Adding a short energy burst to your exercise routine can really impact your mental well-being by giving your brain a burst of oxygen and increase your serotonin!  ~ Please talk to your Dr. if you are changing any exercise regime, especially if you are taking any medications.

4. Supplement with 5-HTP for a period of time.

If you are already...

  • eating clean organic foods with optimal protein portions,
  • taking a high quality supplement, such as CellSentials, and
  • you are still suffering from symptoms of low serotonin, 5-HTP would be my next to additional Vitamin D for a few months.  

Some will need that extra boost.  And 5-HTP is all that is needed to make serotonin.  However, I highly recommend you cultivate a solid nutritional foundation as I have shared above. 5-HTP can be purchased at any healthy food store.

Do not take if you are on a SSRI medication. If you are taking other medications, ask your doctor about possible contradictions.

Last, but not least...MY NEW FAVOURITE go-to for mental well-being (and muscles, deep tissue and skin health)...

5. Red Light Therapy (RLT) and Near Infrared (NIR)

This type of device usually comes with two therapies in one, and can be adjusted to personal needs: sleep, mood, muscles, tendons, injuries, skin, energy, etc.


Personal Note about RLT / NIR:

My dear friend shared her experience with a RLT / NIR panel when I was in search of something to help me after my car accident last year for assisting in my soft tissue recovery...and I fell in love! 

I got a full body panel last February, and not only did it help relieve pain from my injuries, I had an increased happy mood and sound sleep.

I not only have a full body panel, but I have a travel sized one that my teen age son uses for his injuries from skate boarding ;)

Being that it is an FDA approved device, it is possible you can find financial relief through your health insurance plan specific for the purpose of SAD. Click here to find out more about financial relief.

Look through options for RLT / NIR therapy here.


I share only what I know and trust.  This means I may gain a referral commission from links I provide. If you purchase from my link, please let me know via the comment section.  As I want to personally connect and thank you for your trust in my suggestions.

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